This information is the consequence of numerous years of data, accumulating facts, and finally bringing almost everything collectively in a single place

This information is the consequence of numerous years of data, accumulating facts, and finally bringing almost everything collectively in a single place

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It’s cultivated beyond the actual slim reason for distinguishing certain alterations in the Vega produced banjo systems, especially the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone, to include if the term stamps changed. I’ven’t made an effort to complement a date towards the serial numbers, but that records — although at the best speculative and approximate — exists elsewhere, such as Mugwumps Online. For any collector/scholar, it’s important in order to learn whenever modifications occured. For all the customer, it is important to know a guitar being sold as “all earliest” probably are. Many of the details here helps.

All of the tailpieces and lots of of the tuners additionally originated Waverly

First, it is very important see many truth. Practically all the metal section for nearly all the East shore banjo manufacturers happened to be given by one company — Waverly Audio items of the latest York, NY, in business from ahead of the change for the century until the 70s if they are obtained by Stewart-MacDonald of Athens, OH. We interviewed Waverly’s subsequently proprietor, a Mr. Lomb — child and grandson associated with founders, early in 1970 when he had place the team on the market. He informed me that Waverly, for who he previously worked since his pre-teens, got offered a good many metal portion and add-ons into the banjo makers. In his workshop the guy confirmed me personally numerous habits, blades, methods, and dies found in putting some crazy for Vega, Gibson, Bacon, important and all sorts of the standard walnuts we keep company with the large producers. Waverly additionally made most, different, stretcher bands, the simple steel hoops used for build bands regarding more affordable products, and some from the elements that went in to the more sophisticated build bands. They also produced various shoes and hooks, from Cobra hooks utilized on early Fairbanks to your latest dull and circular hooks. That there comprise others producing some equipment was indisputed, but Waverly produced almost all of they. I don’t know if they generated the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone assemblies or if perhaps a few of the areas are made in your area right after which assembled at Vega — the most likely situation.

It is likely that Vega didn’t stamp the serial amounts on a rim until last assembly, before it absolutely was ready to getting sent. Since the rims had been assembled separately from necks, and since Vega made sold some styles (5 string, tenor, drums, mandolin, plectrum, etc.) they seems logical your serial number wasn’t afixed before neck and rim happened to be mated. This might explain precisely why some wheels has hardware and standards following time whenever some section are disountinued. It appears particularly so your earlier Vega number 7’s and number 9’s which clearly available in more compact quantities, plus the assembled wheels might sit around for a while. It will not explain the evident anomolies of identity stamps showing up with serial rates prior to when anticipated. Two possible information happen to me — there are certainly others. First is merely a reporting mistake, but I have seen some directly, and started sent images of other individuals. Others possible reason may be the banjo was gone back to the plant, offered an innovative new neck with latest logo stamp, but numbered making use of outdated serial number. Your thinking on this and just about every other element strongly related to this research are welcomed.

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