Things score really fascinating when you start crossing the latest posts out of breakdown

Things score really fascinating when you start crossing the latest posts out of breakdown

Writing in her blogs toward July 9th towards next mega-swindle on products and you may forex broker organization – this new thieves with a minimum of $220 billion of customers’ money on deposit at PFGBest nine weeks after revelation out of $step one.5 billion lost out-of John Corzine’s MF Around the world – Ann Barnhardt, an expert in this business, described this new U.S. regulating program overseeing the brand new futures industry once the “a bad, despicable mafia, given because of the politicking psychopaths toward grab, and you can staffed by affirmative action hires to provide possible deniability.”

“The latest NFA, CFTC, SEC and CME,” had written Barnhardt, “are sleeping, thieving psychopathic crooks [snip]… “clients are viewed as just zeroes and you may of them into the host which may be “harvested” incase JPMorgan otherwise Goldman Sachs observes fit to get it done, right after which Tyqueesha from the back work environment and you may LaNeequa the fresh new ahl new secretary conformity manager/robosigner was charged,” she published.

Now for many who enhance which that the super-theft out of money gets a white swat instead of the money punishment they have earned, then Chinese interests usually purchase the farmland of some out-of the fresh producers busted by the such ambitious Mobile escort reviews burglaries, in addition to children of your damaged of those usually unit by themselves with meth and hiphop otherwise “witnessing” for the megachurches which have rock groups ahead of charlatans in the alligator footwear, in addition to You.S. bodies uses newprint money to find the rest dining commodities because the a gift so you can Taliban and you will Hamas, that’ll improve dinner prices for Western consumers, then you definitely beginning to enjoy the efficacy of intersections.

A great deal larger intersection of many posts out-of collective madness went down on erica’s overcome of the its very own hand due to a single matched terrorist assault. A web away from domino traces have plunged the country in 2 bottomless Muslim bogs abroad, while increasing the stressful work within far more Islamization and a lot more Muslims in the usa and its most readily useful power construction. That have weapons and butter at the same time and you can borrowing spigots unlock, the new failure of the U.S. cost savings and you can another collapse of their currency was cooked when you look at the. However, totally discretionary is actually the destruction off America’s most loved liberties that had flourished to own 225 ages, new sales of your state from a fairly benign you to an excellent fascism-prone colossus, people shuffling shoeless, beltless and you can bottles-reduced within the a lot of time, docile lines as a result of processing chutes where machines strip him or her nude, or otherwise see them from flying drones and you will CCTV webcams when you’re in the secluded regulators basement computers and anonymous spooks check out the lender membership and you will borrowing from the bank costs, and read or pay attention to all their correspondence if you are re also-education camps is actually under build…

People, for a change dumb and decadent sufficient to feel herded doing at the usually by the smart Svengalis such as for instance Obama’s packager, David Axelrod, or because of the about anyone who knows anything out-of Edward Bernays otherwise Saul Alinsky

The latest hideous, all-enveloping sludge is the really works of the many of those: the fresh new Marxist and crypto-Marxist saboteurs; lunatic Light “Progressives” due to their worry about-flagellating S&Yards “diversity”; well-meaning therapists out of Socialist-Statist mind onanism (e.grams. Keynesians, larger passions supporters, 95% off credentialed economists and you will sociologists); cynical power grabbers for the labor unions and you may bodies bureaucracies; mammon-mad banksters and their caught governing bodies; growth-mad exponents of your own report-and-bailout socialized capitalism design; the brand new pessimistic, nihilist managerial category; brand new American Neocons drunk towards Kingdom wine; the fresh Theocons-Neocons intoxicated towards the sweet God fruit juice. But most importantly, it’s the blame of your popular anybody.

Yielding uncritically into the mass media onslaught from advertising, are available pictures off triumph and you may desirability, tainted information and analyses away from development

Lured from the goodies doled out-by governments otherwise ordered to the unduly low priced borrowing from the bank. Neglecting to break which have revulsion imposed, transparent frauds for example “diversity” and you may multiculturalism. Ingesting having gusto the newest development out-of Tom and you can Katie’s wedding and getting-good fibs in the Light Household otherwise Eu. Worshipping mindless celebrity drones. None studying nor considering.

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