Representative Example: based on the last working day of each month

Representative Example: based on the last working day of each month

How do I apply?

Applying for our 15 minute loans online is generally easy and takes minutes. Our online application makes it possible for you to get a quote and a credit decision swiftly, even if you have a bad credit record. If we have questions in advance of filling in the online application form, we can address them right away to make sure your needs are met as quickly as possible and you can get an instant quote and decision.

Once your application is approved, the money is transferred to your account as quickly as 15 minutes later, assuming your bank can accept the credit transfer right away and that you meet the criteria, and terms and conditions. This means you could have the money available to you in an instant.

The online loans application process is, in a way, safer for many borrowers. Dealing with direct lenders online should be safe providing they are authorised and regulated by the FCA. The credit documentation is there for you to inspect, and there is no lender sitting across a desk pushing for a fast signature.

Taking a little time to read the credit agreement in advance is important to ensure you fully understand the details of 15 minute loans or payday loans. If you have questions about a specific clause as you read, it’s usually easy to get an answer from direct lenders in advance of your application. Remember, we strive to never lend to borrowers who we feel will struggle to keep to the credit agreement and make the loan repayments on time.

We are a customer-focused direct lender

Moneyboat is a direct lender based in the UK. Borrowers benefit as they don’t pay a loan broker or middleman to help them sort their credit. It’s important to us that our loan services are direct, safe and secure.

Our customer service team is polite and friendly, and our borrowers always know that they can count on us in their time of need, or when you need a little extra support. As direct lenders, we also provide instant loans wherever possible in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Here’s the lowdown on our online 15 minute loans

We charge a flat interest rate of 0.7 per cent per day. This interest is calculated on the outstanding balance of our loans. There are then no upfront fees for loan processing or for taking advantage of our 15 minute loans service.

New customers can borrow between ?200 to ?800. Our payday loans are repayable over a minimum term of two instalments and a maximum of six months. The minimum instalment duration for the first instalment is five days. Existing customers can between ?200 and ?1500, subject to passing our credit and affordability checks. Customers may pay back their loan early without extra spending on penalties or fees.

In the event a borrower finds they don’t have the money to pay the loan as agreed, Moneyboat works with them to find a solution that all parties can agree upon to settle the debt in a timely manner.

What if I have a bad credit record?

If you need access to quick cash direct from lenders but have a bad credit record, consider your options carefully. If you apply for one of our loans, we will give your application due consideration, but we cannot always offer money to those with bad credit histories.

As a direct lender of payday loans, we need to make sure that any bad credit borrowers that apply for our loans can afford the repayment, or we would be breaching the responsible lending criteria.

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