News About Student Visa Application Process to Australia

News About Student Visa Application Process to Australia

Students who have chosen their course of study can apply for a student visa to Australia. Here we will go about the steps involved in the student visa application process.

The visa process commences with the student registering with a consultancy for admission. The consultant will help you navigate through the many processes, thus making it easier to find your way when studying abroad.

Students who have confirmed their course of study in Australia can rely on the consultant to help them in completing their application to the school / college / academic institution of their choice. The consultant will request a number of documents including proof of the student’s English language ability and proof of academic qualifications among others. Students must furnish all the documents requested in the checklist when applying for a visa. The application can be submitted through the consultant and you can track its progress through notifications sent by the consultant. The consultant keeps in touch with the institution on behalf of the student to ensure that all applications are processed as early as possible.

Tuition fees must be paid to the institution at which you wish to study and accepted by the education provider to proceed with the visa application process. In most cases, the institutions will request students to pay the fees applicable to the first semester only. Students may choose to pay the relevant fees through either Direct Debit or Telegraphic Transfer. Upon receipt and processing of the tuition fee by the institution, an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment will be issued to the applicant through the consultant. When the applicant receives the aforementioned confirmation, he / she will have to visit the consultant with all the documents requested for verification.

The documents requested in the checklist provided by the consultant will have to be submitted to lodge the student’s visa application. Similar to the admission application, the consultant will keep the applicant updated regarding the progress of their application and track it by staying connected with the visa office on behalf of the applicant.

Once your visa application has been lodged, you will be required to undertake a medical examination in the next 28 days. The examination can only be under the supervision of a doctor approved by the Government of Australia. Visit to view the list of approved panel dination. After the medical examination has concluded, all documents and related medical reports will be submitted directly by the doctor to the visa office and you will be notified of the outcome by your consultant in due course. If you have qualified for a visa, you will have to visit your consultant to collect the grant letter after which you can commence planning your travel and accommodation in the land down under.

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Changes to Australian 457 visa policy won’t affect Indians

In a recent announcement, the Australian government mentioned the abolition of 457 visa programs concerning the temporary foreign workers. This initiative was taken to ensure that the foreigners coming to Australia are well qualified to do the work. The changes to the Australian 457 visa policy will not affect Indians much since most Indians with 457 visas are working in the IT sector in Australia. Considering that there is a shortage of IT professionals in India, this move will not affect Indian since they are qualified for the job roles they have taken in Australia. The increase in the number of foreigners coming to Australia has increased significantly over the past years, most of the 457 visa holders are under qualified and work in the restaurant and medical industry.

Changes To Australian Student Visa Rules Set To Take Effect From July 1st

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There are some significant changes that are set to take effect from the 1st of when it comes to the Australian student visa. The new rules will classify all international students as Subclass 500 and a new process for visa approval will also be instated. The aim of the adopting the new process is to ensure that at least 75% of the applications are being processed in about 4 weeks. The new visa will be available to those students who are comfortable with English and come from families with a specific income. The visa is also available to children of the age of 6 years and above and will include their families as well. The new rules will also require the adults to spend from $6,515 to $18,610 on each child and will provide flexibility when it comes to the duration of the courses. Since a vast majority of the students coming to Australia are from Asia, the new rules are set to benefit them the most. In fact, numbers suggest that the number of Asian students coming to Australia has increased by as much as 17% and it is estimated that the new rules will boost this number.

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