9 Lena Headey Enjoys That Difficult And Sensuous Thing Opting For This Lady

9 Lena Headey Enjoys That Difficult And Sensuous Thing Opting For This Lady

From a Cersei Lannister picture, we’re back again to a full-on Lena Headey photo, y’know because Cersei would never become photographed along these lines. Not simply was Cersei Lannister’s look distinct from Lena Headey’s take a look, but Cersei Lannister’s individuality normally a country mile off from Lena Headey’s actual character. Headey comes across as cool, genuine, and down to earth in most meeting, in fact it is just about the opposite of Cersei.

In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Lena Headey starred a personality much more resembled herself, as she surely got to rock this lady normal hair and use clothes that she practically used in actuality. Sarah Connor additionally appears to be closer to Headey’s individuality.

Also, I have to keep in mind that Emilia Clarke furthermore played the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys. So both Cersei and Daenerys posses played Sarah Connor. Its a weird globe, men.

Lena Headey’s beauty generally seems to come from a defiant destination. It looks like she doesn’t love charm criteria whatsoever, hence makes the woman further breathtaking. In past times, Headey might a rather blunt feminist. There seemed to be this 1 opportunity she clapped back into the trolls who were upset she don’t perform some stroll of pity world by herself (more about that later). After that in 2015, she was actually pregnant with a daughter, she revealed this report:

a€?My daughter may have freedom of preference. She will getting liberated to grooving, to sing, become informed from inside the fields that spark her enthusiasm, to wed if she wishes, to wed which she wishes, to be single, or even to love another woman. She will manage to use just what she wishes, put on lip stick, and study books that spark discussion and increase their mind.

Every one of these points that should-be, and also be, standard individual liberties, is a guarantee to my personal girl. My personal very humble consult is you bring what you can and perhaps – simply maybe – we could result in the alteration we-all wish to discover.a€?

OK, thus Lena Headey is basically a fantastic individual . Becoming reasonable, I believe like Cersei would also have said this about Myrcella as well. Cersei really performed love the woman kiddos, in the event their choice got generally led to all of their deaths.

8 Lena Headey Likes Their Ink

If you’re into tatted up female, Lena Headey is your form of woman. After all, only look at the woman back once again! Furthermore, evaluate the girl backside! Slay, Lena Headey.

As a 43-year-old mummy of two, Lena Headey looks amazing for the reason that itsy bitsy red swimsuit. Definitely, she does not see great, since it is a paparazzi shot and never a glossy magazine cover. Once the paparazzi snap photo of a-listers about seashore, it really is typically at an unflattering perspective or with unflattering illumination. They may be fundamentally finding faults. Lets remember the “Jennifer prefer Hewitt features cellulite” thing that took place. Difficult vision roll to this one.

Anyway, my point is the fact that Lena Headey appears like a genuine person and she appears great, which is stating a lot since this is actually a paparazzi pic.

7 A Very Airbrushed Backside

Just like a good example of exactly what airbrushing can create, we have found a specialist photograph of Lena Headey’s rear which was on 300 marketing material. Without a doubt, this pic does not put this lady full backside, but i do believe you will get the purpose in that professional pictures always render stars seem like glossy, perfect versions of on their own. What i’m saying is, Headey’s facial skin ended up being absolutely smoothed and made to look adore it’s the most great surface at this moment.

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